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Before and After Images

I simply love before and after images. This is in no way to imply that I think ladies are not beautiful “before”. This is simply to show you that YOU are who I want to see in my studio. You do not have to be a model to come see me. My clients are everyday beautiful girls, just like yourself.

YOU are beautiful.


Sometimes we get busy being moms, wives, sisters, daughters and employees that we do not feel beautiful. I understand. I feel the same way many days! Which is why even my own before and after is in the slide show! :)


I am asking that you take a day (or a few hours at least) and let me help you feel beautiful again.Because you are. I will help you see what I see. And possibly what you have not been able to see for days, months, maybe even years.




Doni Riddell
shawnda langston
christie garza1
Stephanie Paul
alex thompson
stephanie owens
amy hayes
chasity richert
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