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Natalie's All-Inclusive Senior Session

Natalie started her day by being pampered by the talented Roberta at Helloo Beautiful Salon. She had her hair styled and her airbrushed makeup done making her picture perfect! Helloo Beautiful has an adorable backyard so we took advantage of that and started her session there.

Miss Natalie has a love of handbags so she brought several to her photo shoot. We paired them perfectly with each of her outfits.

Her first look went so well with this back porch / outdoorsy setting. She just looks as natural as can be. And how cute is this boho top with torn jeans!? swoon!

Our next stop, the middle of the road! She rocked this city look as well. Jacket, skirt, necklace, bag - CHECK!

And now to take advantage of that golden hour and the beautiful warmth that comes with it. Where else is better than the middle of a field with some wildflowers!? Perfection!!