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Project Beauty 2017

I have joined the hundreds of other Senior photographers delivering a powerful message: To be able to free these girls from the idea of perfection and empower them to not only to feel confident about themselves, but embrace the flaws that makes them so uniquely beautiful.

In this blog you will meet some of the 2k18 Senior Squad members who were confident enough to come in baring themselves. These girls came in with no makeup on and hair not styled. I want to show them how beautiful they truly are.

They each left me with a note that talked about "beauty" and what it means to them. I hope you enjoy the 'realness' of this session as much as I do. <3

"Beauty is feeling comfortable in your own skin. For the longest time people made fun at how skinny I was, calling me names like "toothpick" and " anorexic". Now that I am older, I have learned to accept how I look." - Ashley, Class of 2018


"Beauty is what separates you from everyone else. Something beautiful is the thing that makes you different. It is the unique things about you. A smile is beautiful because no one has the same smile. I see someone as beautiful for their personality. Girls lifting up other girls is beautiful. Giving people the benefit of the doubt is beautiful. Giving other people Grace when maybe they don't deserve it is beautiful. Something I have learned is you can definitely enhance beauty, but you can't fake it. You are born beautiful and you just have to find what makes you your own kind of beautiful." - Bianca, Class of 2019


"To me, beauty is the little things. It is more of a feeling than an appearance. It is character and kindness behind the clothes. Beauty is happiness and laughter on nights you will never forget. Beauty is the feeling you get when standing in front of a breathtaking landscape. Beauty is what you make of it. With the right outlook you can find beauty in the smallest rock or you can miss it in the biggest mountain. For it is the flaws in appearance that distinguish us and make us noticeable whiile it is our personality and love that make us unforgettable." - Brie, Class of 2018


"The biggest obstacle I had to go through was my acne. Freshman and sophomore year I hated my face and it made me pretty insecure. Last year I started taking acne medication and it worked! I am finally starting to become happy with the way I look. I think my hair is what makes me the most beautiful. Out of all the things that could go wrong while getting ready, I never have a bad hair day! I wear makeup because it makes me feel confident in the way I look." - Jessi, Class of 2018


"Beauty comes from the heart. True beauty is founded upon strength, kindness, character and unique features. I feel confident without make-up as I know I was made perfect in the eyes of God. Makeup does not define our beauty. Happiness does."

- Madeleine, Class of 2018


"Beauty to me is truly what is on the inside. Personality is key. Your personality defines who you are and there is such a thing as an ugly personality. Most of the works sees makeup as a cover up for imperfections. However that is not true. Although I definitely use cover up, I do makeup because to me it is an art and I love doing it." - Peyton C., Class of 2018


"Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. It is about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul." - Peyton P., Class of 208

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