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Top 5 Items to wear for your boudoir session

One of the most common questions I get is "What do I wear?" Use this as a guide to help you make those decisions! I also provide a personal stylist upon request if you feel you still need some help making your wardrobe decisions.

But first, three things to remember:

1st - Everyone is built differently. So, check out this list and then decide what works best for you and your body shape. 

2nd - Everything I shoot is classy. So, keep this in mind when you are shopping and when going through your own items. Don't pick anything that is too cheesy, too faddish, or too out there. Think more along the lines of timeless, elegant and classic.

3rd - This is not ALL you can bring. I encourage you to bring even more than you will use. Other things I love but didn't list below are: Fishnet stockings, garter belts (with or without stockings), lingerie.

NO. 1


This is pretty self explanatory. But there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure to pack a matching set of bra and panties. Pack a solid white or black and something with color! Try them on and make sure you have the right size and the most flattering style for your body. You can never go wrong with lace! Very feminine and it photographs beautifully. Another option, go bold! Rich jewel color bra and panty sets also are a great option. 

NO. 2


More times than not, I have ladies who want to bring his shirt, his jersey, his...whatever! I am totally fine with this. However, for the most part his clothes are MUCH larger than you. So, what I strongly suggest is getting a sports t-shirt or jersey duplicate in a size small, or even a youth size, and doing your session with that. See, women have great curves and we need to be able to see them. If you must bring something of his, we can always do the shoot with you holding his item, but not necessarily wearing it. 

NO. 3


A little weird to bring to a boudoir shoot, I know! But, that little black dress that fits you like a glove is super sexy! And, how great will it be when you can update your profile picture with a photo from your boudoir shoot!? The other reason this is a good item to bring is that it is a great outfit to start out with if you are feeling a little nervous. 

NO. 4


How awesome is this one!? I am all about being comfy and this is the one and only chance during your session. Some of my all time favorites are a big over-sized sweater that easily falls off your shoulder. Pair this with some sexy undies.

The other comfy outfit to consider is a pair of boy-shorts or Calvin type undies with a tight fitting tank. These are some great casual outfits that turn out very sexy because, well...Girl Next Door!!

NO. 5


This is my all time favorite item right now. The body suit is flattering on every.single.body! It is great if you are a bit nervous because it covers​ more than just the bra/panty set but is still very fitting. It shows off all your curves and still leaves some to the imagination. I strongly suggest bringing a body suit before any other items listed!

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